Skyscraper, I love you

Skyline Tokyo Photographer: B.Bampbell, Source: Flickr

Skyline Tokyo Photographer: B.Bampbell, Source: Flickr

 Underworld’s Mmm, Skyscraper I love you could have been written for our Zartist Coen Pohl. Graphic designer Coen Pohl has a fascination for cities in general and skyscrapers in particular. Pohl’s works are graphic interpretations of big cities and massive buildings. The bigger the better. What is so interesting about urban landscapes? “ It intrigues me how people live there”, Pohl starts to explain. “ How life in the city is organised is far more interesting then nature for example. Seen from above, a city resembles an anthill.”

Pohl obsessively follows new developments on his favourite website, Pohl: “I spend a lot of time on that website. You can see all kind of building projects from all over the world. There is a section for every country. Members upload updates every day. You can see anything that happens on a construction site. From London to Shanghai.”

Don’t look down

Don't Look Down, Coen Pohl

Don’t Look Down, Coen Pohl

Don’t look down is the result of Pohl’s experiment with perspective. “I fancy heights with a wide view over a big city. And a good skyline. In Don’t look down, I wanted to combine height and skyline in one image. It is almost as if it has been made with a fish eye lens or as a panorama. I wanted to make people experience depth, the feeling you get when you are standing on a tower and look down onto the streets and buildings.

World’s tallest Skyscraper

Pohl’s favourite skyscraper construction site is The Kingstower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. “The Saudi’s are building an incredible tower of more than a kilometre in height. Imagine that in the middle of the desert. Economically it is a bad idea to build skyscraper like this. There is no demand for such a project. But it is amazing to see what the human race is capable of. That it is possible”, Pohl tells with enthusiasm.


Close up: Pochemuchka Design

”I work with ordinary pictures I run into on the internet. Or images I cut out from magazines or even find on labels. Usually, one element in this picture draws my attention. I remix all these cut up elements in order to tell a new story.” (Pochemuchka Design- a.k.a Esther Vreeland 2015)

elevation montage - Close UpPochemuchka Design by Esther Vreeland mixes iconic elements from different cultures into a new story.  She calls this technique Fusion Graphics.  Zart couldn’t agree more. More more more? See our artist section under Pochemuchka Design.