Girl with the pearl earing by Johannes Vermeer inspires many artists around the world.   Therefor the Vermeer Centrum Delft organizes the exhibition:

The Girl inspires


Zart admitted “Pins: Girl with the pearl earing” by Erik Thijssen and it got chosen from 150 submissions made by contemporary artists in different versions.


Erik Thijssen uses an algoritme that reacts to ligth and dark, translates that to 3D pins and applied it to The girl. Zart made an c-print on dibond with  glossy acrylic 73cm x 100cm and brougth it to the Vermeer centrum in Delft. It’s displayed untill 29th of april amongst 20 other “girls”.
Do not admire one, but many Girls with the pearl. Painted Girls but also photos, sculptures or drawings. The first part of the exhibition is free to visit every day between 10 am and 5 pm, and is located on the ground floor. The second part of the exhibition can be seen on the second floor, which requires an entrance ticket.