Art Services

Zart’s fascination for printing techniques results in a unique collection of high quality prints. We really take pride in printing and only go for the best quality. To get this we work closely together with our artists and one of the best printing companies in town, RI Reklame, a small specialised family company that offers proper craftsmanship. Our online gallery offers limited editions of fine art prints on dibond, Canvas or Plexi (acrylic glass), for rent, lease and for sale.


Zart started out with prints on Dibond only. Dibond is one of the finest materials available to display a work. The print exists of layered material with aluminium at the bottom and a layer of acrylate as a topcoat. This top coat gives a work extra depth and protects plus enhances its colours so they appear extra abundant. The material radiates luxury and is easy to maintain in a perfect state.

Canvas and Acrylic Glass (Plexi)

Zart recently added editions printed on canvas and plexiglass to the collection. The works printed on canvas and plexiglass have a smaller format. Works that appear on canvas or plexiglass are of course cheaper then the variant on dibond. The quality of the prints is still incredible, although the look and feel of a work completely changes with the material it is printed on.

See how a canvas print (Skull Onbenul by Beazarillity) is finished off below. As will be obvious,our prints do not roll off a press  by uncountable numbers. From the printing process to the framing: it is all handwork and custom made. Just what you wish for.

Design Service

Furthermore we make custom-made designs for all printable surfaces. To get an impression of what is possible, please have a look at our project page. At the moment we are working together with an interior designer to make a wallpaper for a room make over. Recently Zart made a huge print for a swimming pool. But you could also think of printing a table surface or a placemat. We are happy to help you with the design.

Are you a business-, hotel or café restaurant owner? See our folder for more information.


Limited Editions

The works in our online gallery appear in a limited edition so the exclusive character of the individual works remains untouched. Each print is signed by the artist and numbered. Zart gives you a certificate when you buy a work so you know which numbered print you have. For prices of our series go to the Artist section.