darinciARTglamour glowDanijela Bjelosevic was born in Sarajevo in 1976.

Danijela spent the whole duration of the Balkan war from ’91 till ’95 in Bosnia, then moved to Serbia only to experience the bombarding of th country in 1999, before moving and settling in the Netherlands.Those early life experiences of pain, suffering and endurance are found to be an unliminted source of inspiration.


“Honesty and sincerity are my guidlines and my direction in art. Impulsive abstract work is the darici slikamost honest and direct way of expression for me. My life was guided by honesty, and so was my art


In her work there is a play between the inner turmoil and the search for harmony,an exchange and interaction of pain and beauty finding it in the flow of the honest expression. Throughout her life Danijela was observant and fascinated by the way others see the world. She was drawn to art since early childhood. Danijela has been drawing and painting all her life, believing that painting is her direct language of the soul, an expressin of the world interior. Using her life experiences to express her thoughts and feelings, Danijela focused on painting. Through the years and the opening of her personality came progress and works on bigger canvases while dedicating herself completely to painting. Danijela is using bright and happy colors while expressing certain aspects of pain and despair, expressing simultaneously beauty and pain as if they cannot be one without the other.

Danijela lives and works in Amsterdam with her son.