Swimmingpool, Rijksmuseum, The Fire Department and Velox

“Only a few steps from the Rijksmuseum, you will find this art-deco building with a rich history. Inside, you will discover a delightful swimming pool.

In 1912, when the Zuiderbad opened, it was far ahead of its time. Both central heating and electric lighting made it possible for bathers to use the impressive building in the winter as well. It may not be a pool for the professional competitive swimmer, but a passer-by wanting to absorb the ambience of one of Amsterdam’s delights would do well to step inside, pull on swimming togs, and try the dappled water.” (source: I Amsterdam) Every swimmer in Amsterdam has been to the Zuiderbad at the corner of the Museumplein.

Custom Made Collage Art

Amsterdams oldest and most famous pool is surrounded by even more famous buildings. It is surrounded by history. When asked to make a large print for the Zuiderbad the Zart design team (Stephen Dumayne & Esther Vreeland) immedialtely knew: we have to make it a work of living history. Being specialised in Ditch Icons and collage, they were the perfect duo get this job done. In the collage you will see many contextual elements, like the red stones and people from the past and the present. Not unimportant in the history of the bicycle: the Velox fabric. Amsterdams first bike company! Zart  made a moodboard and a few drafts before gettingto the final collage. The gallery below reflects the process.

Design Team :