Old Dutch Tiles & Delfts Blue

Again by the hand of Pochemuchka Design, a set of custom made prints on Dibond in  a special format for the NL-Hotel at the Museumplein. This lovely hotel is styled with classic old Dutch prints and items.  Our design team has used the pattern of the wallpaper, contemporary in form but also in Delfts Blue, of one of the rooms and turned that into a print. This is what you see on the left picture.

On the right: a collage of old Dutch tiles. Antique tiles are valuable objects. Wanted by collectors. But also by thieves. This Zart found out when we got a phone call from the police who wanted to know where we have seen those tiles. We didn’t steal them!  The design team spent hours on the internet to find pictures of old dutch tiles to use as building blocks in a collage.  Obviously the end result looked realistic enough to alarm the cops. People, it is a print….really, it is.