Narouz Moltzer gaat hard!

Make a wish.
Sinds onze samenwerking is Narouz Moltzer Zarts best verkopende kunstenaar. Verschillende edities van reproducties van zijn schilderijen zijn reeds volledig uitverkocht.

Narouz Moltzer is een kunstenaar die zichzelf steeds opnieuw uitvindt en niet stopt met werken. Zart is altijd weer verrast wanneer wij zijn atelier bezoeken. Altijd weer anders en toch in zijn eigen herkenbare stijl. Zijn kunst zit vaak tussen abstract en figuratief in. In een misschien wel Nederlands te noemen traditie, zoals Herman Brood, Corneille, Peter Klashorst en anderen.

Trots kondigen we aan een nieuwe reproductie te mogen maken van wederom een fantastisch schilderij, “Make a wish”.

Moltzer heeft “Make a wish” geschilderd op zijn huidige verblijfplaats in een zeer landelijk gelegen boerderij in het Noord Brabandse Hulten. Een absoluut topstuk! Zart had het geluk om het schilderij nog te kunnen digitaliseren voor reproductie voor het verkocht werd aan een niet nader te noemen internationale kunstverzamelaar.

Vanwege de schoonheid, de kwaliteit en de waarde van het schilderij, heeft Zart ervoor gekozen om  te gaan voor het beste van het beste op gebied van reproduceren.

Zart heeft deze keer gekozen voor  een Fine Art Giclee Print, op Baryta papier, geplakt op dibond. Deze print voldoet aan de allerhoogste eisen die door kunstenaars, musea en gallerys aan reproducties worden gesteld.  Als geheel prachtig ingelijst met een subtiele zwarte baklijst.  Het neusje van de zalm dus. Precies wat een kunstwerk van deze statuur verdient.

“Make a wish” zal in een editie van 12 stuks  geproduceerd worden  en wordt met certificaat geleverd.

Letop!  Narouz Moltzer gaat hard!!




It has been a hot item for a while: recycling machines, waste and what is more for a better future. If devices can be recycled, why not art? Zart has been working with a recycling model since the company started. Zart rents out and sells reproductions and reproductions only. The originals, including the copy rights, remain the artist’s. Always. When a work comes back, Zart recycles it in the form of an ex-rental-for -sale or rents the repro out a second time. This way of buying and selling saves a great work from a tragic fate: to disappear into a dusty attic, where it will be forgotten.

To give works a second life, Zart has set up a new sales page! It concerns ex-rentals or prints with a little mistake. Here you will find the currently available works. Zart offers a discount of between 25% and 75% at purchase. For the current status and availability of a work, please check our online gallery below. In case you want to see the work ‘live’: make an appointment and we will show you the work in the comfort of your home. Zart offers a discount of between 25% and 75% at purchase. For the current status and availability of a work, please contact us.


The collection changes on a daily basis so please contact us when you are interested so we can make an appointment.

Contact us through mail or call 06 493 70 254.


3 Common Misunderstandings About Print

As printmakers, we Zartists have to deal with a lot of old-school presumptions about the art of printmaking. The three most prevailing misconceptions regard its status as a ‘copy’, the notion ‘authenticity’ and its ‘value’. Hello art world! It is time to dust of ideas from before the turn of the century and start to rethink the status of print and printmaking. We will raise a few questions here rather than we can provide full answers. The three big But(t)s we often deal with are:

1.”But it ‘s a copy!”

False: it is a remake

To speak of copying is so last century. Copying is dead. Copying is something you do online when you grab a picture someone posted and add a comment to look smart. We prefer to speak of remakes. Why do we refuse to speak of copies? To start with, it is truly an art to make a good print. It is not exactly the case that you can put a painting under a photocopier and expect a good print. Of course a print is a remake of a work and concept that already existed, that can’t be denied. Zart recycles a concept of an existing work and transforms it into a new ‘product’. But you can hardly call it an exact copy. In the words of Zart photographer Bram Kloos: “ Making a print is an art in itself. It is quite difficult to make a photograph of a work and translate it into an exact same image. I do not see why anyone would think of a print as a lesser product. It is a different product. Of course, you are highly indebted to the creator of the original idea when you use a work as a basis, but the prints appear in a completely different form. The material is very different. I fail to see why that is something bad”. Zart couldn’t agree more.

2015 Zart 3 misunderstandings about print infographic

2.”But it has to be authentic!”

A Print is not the same as forgery

In art, buyers want a work to be authentic because being real defines the price and cultural value a work. Authenticity is not one thing. Most of the time people refer to the origin of authorship, though. Who made the work and how do you know it is not a forgery? Printmaking is often associated with forgery. Zart makes its prints in co-authorship with the artist who created a concept, an installation, a virtual work a graphic or a painting. Since we work with living artists we have the opportunity to request a certificate of authenticity. The certificate carries the original signature of the maker.  That way there can never be any misunderstandings about the origin of the works. The works appear in limited editions only. The prints are signed and numbered. What is not real about that? Let’s not confuse a print with a forgery please!

3.”But a print has no value …”

Time will tell

As no one can tell for sure which artist will be of ‘worth’ – money wise, buying art as an investment for your great grandchildren is not a good reason to purchase anything. As art pope Charles Saatchi states in an interview to a journalist of the Guardian when asked what artists will write history: “ General art books dated 2105 will be as brutal about editing the late 20th century as they are about almost all other centuries. Every artist other than Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Donald Judd and Damien Hirst will be a footnote.” So if you are interested in art, you might as well choose a work that suits your taste and wallet. From this perspective, there is a lot to say for a print. Only time will tell who will be classic. In the meantime, Zart thinks it is best to let Zartians decide for themselves what artist is hot or not.

Call for entries

Bloggers pay attention

A million more things can be said about print and copying, value and authenticity. Do you agree? Do you think our line of argumentation is off the wall?? Are you a blogger or a writer who has something to say about print & printmaking on a slightly theoretical level? Do not hesitate to offer us your contribution! Send us your article. We will be happy to take your work into consideration for publication on our blog. Articles can be sent to .


Great Art on a Small Format

kunstverhuur, canvas, plexi, acylic glass, frame,

New at Zart: High-quality prints on canvas or acrylic glass (Plexi) in smaller sizes. Where everyone else wants to go bigger, Zart takes the super-size trend into another direction. Zart goes from Large to Medium. This way we hope to make our collection even more accessible. Art should be for everyone and Zart makes it possible. A smaller size means a better price!

From print to frame

Comparing a print on canvas to a print on Dibond is hardly fair. The end results are radically different. What remains the same is the super high quality of the print. As you can see on the collage below, we take great care of all details from the beginning till the end. At Zart, we do not publish large editions. Our collection demands great craftsmanship from various parties, the artist, our printer and our framing fabric. Therefore, we are extra proud to be able to give you our special canvas – and Plexi deal.

kunsteverhuur, canvas, plexi, acylic glass, frame,

A step-by-step overview of how your canvas gets framed.

Canvas deal

All works on canvas are printed in a limited edition of 30 pieces. You print is delivered signed and numbered bordered with a frame. The price of a canvas print is €425,-. Those who want to rent a print pay €25,- a month for the minimal period of 6 months.

Canvas Print


Limited edition

30 pieces


70×70 cm

Buy it

€ 425,00

Forever yours!

Rent A

€ 25 a month

6 months

Rent B

€ 20 a month

12 months



Plexi deal

All prints on plexiglass are printed in a limited edition of 60 pieces. Works come signed and numbered with a suspension system. The buying price for a work on acrylic is €195,-. In case you want to rent it for half a year, the price will be € 15,- a month. Those who rent if for a year can do so for just €10,- a month!

Acrylic Glass (plexi)


Limited edition

60 pieces


60×60 cm

Buy it

€ 195,00

Forever yours!

Rent A

€ 15,00 a month

6 months

Rent B

€ 10,00 a month

12 months

Suspension system



For more information on the availability of individual works, see our Artist section or call Zart.
T.  020 337 77 39 
/ M: 06 49 37 02 54



Enjoy the Zart experience

4 good reasons to make an appointment !

Don’t go anywhere! Zart will come to you. All you have to do is to check your agenda and make an appointment. One of our employees will come to your home or office to give you a private peek in our collection. What is better then having a small exhibition in the comfort of your own place? Here are a few good reasons to get the Zart experience:

1. “It looked different on the web…”

Yes we know. You can never get the feel for a work of art if you do not see it real time. In the place you had in mind for it. In the evironment where it will hopefully stay for a long time. By showing you several works that migth be of interest to you. We hope to make you “experience” the work. You will be able to feel it and see where it fits best. This is a great way to see if the piece you liked at first sight is really what you had in mind.

2. Zart’s prints are valuable

Our dibond-prints are produced with the greatest care. We made it our objective to keep art available to many by pricing the work as such. However, it is not a poster you buy/rent or lease. It’s a work of art. The pieces need proper care and in this way we can give you all the information you need to keep it in the most perfect condition.

3. Sharp prices

Rent, lease or buy? Once you have chosen one or more works, Zart will make you a financial proposal. When you like to rent a couple of pieces for a longer period of time an have not decided yet what to do -rent or lease?- You may want to negotiate the pricing model. This is easier when you talk face to face. Remember, we try to make purchasing art as easy as possible. Completely painless!

4. Special offer

Next month we will start a massive discount action. Make an appointment now and make sure to have the first choice. After all, the works are produced in a limited edition. Sold out is sold out.


Renting art is painless

Renting art is painless.

5 Good reasons to rent an artwork

The main reason why people buy art is simply because it makes one feel good. Renting art can make you feel even better. Buying art could be compared to buying clothes. It involves a risk. You just bought that great suit. When you get home, you discover that there is no matching shirt, the sleeves are too short and doubt settles in. Was your purchase worth the money? Unfortunately the receipt disappeared mysteriously. Taking the suit back to the store is no longer an option. As a result you feel uncertain, frustrated or even angry. If you buy art, you might end up feeling the same way. In that case, why do you not consider to rent an artwork? Renting art is absolutely painless.
5 good reasons to rent instead of purchase a work:

1. Impulse Buying is history

We all know that feeling: in the spur of the moment you take that unplanned decision to buy something. Once you purchased the piece, there is no way back and you start to doubt your decision. When you decide to rent a painting, there is no such pain. At Zart we help you to make the right decision without a financial risk.

2. A fixed price

How do you know the work you bought is not overpriced? How can you decide upon its value? The truth is that you can never be sure the price its worth the value. As a result you will probably override your budget. Renting a work avoids the question of price and value all together. When you rent a piece at Zart you get it for a fixed price, namely: €25,- a month.

3. A reliable partner and good advice

Most art lovers who want to buy a work, do a lot of research first. What they find is a lot of different information about a piece of art coming from a lot of shady sources. This creates insecurity. How do you know a work is real? How do you know it has not been stolen? In Zart you will find a reliable partner. When you rent from Zart, you know what you get, where the work comes from, and how many prints have been made.

4. Taste

Collecting art is a matter of taste. We don’t doubt your good taste, but your partner, colleagues or flatmates may do. Renting art is painless with respect to making choices: you can’t go wrong. If others object to the work of your choice, Zart offers the possibility to take back the work.

5. Instant make-over

Sometimes a space just needs a new look. Or you may be relocating and the new building has a totally different atmosphere then the old one. The old works just do not add anything to the new space. In that case renting a few works is attractive. It is an affordable way to quickly give any place an instant contemporary look and feel after your personal taste. See our latest collection of prints at



Schrijvers en Zart-kunst bij Baut

Herman Brusselmans, Christophe Vekeman, Saskia Noort en Kluun droegen zondag 23 februari in restaurantBaut voor uit eigen werk . Op de achtergrond: Zart-kunst van Coen Pohl en David de Leeuw.



Het is niet iedere dag dat je een viergangenlunch plus verbale lekkernijen van bekende Nederlandse en Vlaamse schrijvers krijgt voorgeschoteld. Zart-man José Verspui en zijn 2 kunstenaars genieten ervan, in het hippe restaurant aan de Wibautstraat.

Terwijl de honderd genodigden hun tongen laten strelen door paddestoelensoep, dikbelegde natuurbroodjes, paddorisotto en fancy toetjes, trakteren de schrijvers hen op de verhouding man/vrouw, zelfmoord, seks en poep met de geur van uiensoep (u mag zelf raden wie wat in de mond neemt). En geloof het of niet er is ook een konijn dat zingt.
De Amsterdamkaart van Coen Pohl voegt een strakke en stijlvolle blikvanger toe aan de kleine schemerige VIP-nis met lederen bank en fauteuil waar het drietal zit. En de magische Amsterdamreflectiefoto’s van David de Leeuw wedijveren met de bekende schrijvers om aandacht. Gelukkig hangen de vijf werken van Zart er nog tot half april. In gelimiteerde oplages, maar Zart verkoopt en verhuurt ze tegen een schappelijke prijs. Topkunst die betaalbaar is. Komt dat zien!