It is hard to resist the magical world of Wietske Claessen. It as as if the dreamy illustrations and stunning dessins of this former Oilily and Vlisco designer seem to come to life when you look at them. Let’s get lost!


Illustration & Textile design

Wietske Claessen is a professional illustrator and textile designer who lives in the South of Holland, Maastricht.  Back in 2002 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht with a degree in fashion and a love for drawing and creating textile patterns. Since then she started working as a textile print designer for several brands in the fashion, textile and interior design world among which the Oilily, Vlisco, Leontine Haagoort, Villa Venga and Cakewalk.  Inspiration for her self initiated work often comes from everyday surroundings and travels.

“In everything and everybody you find something magical, something extraordinairy, and then the journey to create starts on paper. My work reflects how I like to look at the world… with a wink..and a smile.”

On Beauty

Claessen’s style is highly indebted to her experience at textile designer Vlisco. But what is the secret ingredient that makes her work so authentic?  The source of inspiration for her recent work is daily life. The world around her. And Escher The Great. “What always fascinated me was how he could make change happen. One can look at his work try to follow how every detail and line smoothly dissolves in another one. Your eyes will not rest in one place but will keep moving over the image. That is the aspect of his work that appeals to me most.”


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Although Claessen had a successful career in fashion, she decided to stop living from one impossible deadline to another.  She is available for making dessins in commission. “As long as it is not meant for mass-production”, she explains.  “I need to be able to put my heart in it”.


The examples of dessins by the hand of Claessen shown below are not available. In case you are interested in a custom-made dessin for a wall or surface print in the style of Claessen, you can book her through Zart.


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