Sim Sidhu ‘s work arises intuitively. For Sim creating is not a habit, it’s a need to be fulfilled. Comics and cartoons are a great source of inspiration for her. The artist got hooked on cartoons before she even learned to read. Later she was introduced to American comics. ”That’s when the trouble started”, Sim tells. From drawing comics Sim moves to painting. This artist easily mixes styles and media. “I love images and that can be photography, movies, drawing, simple sketches or classic paintings”, she says, I love to draw from life itself, but also from the mind. Doodling is what it’s called. I don’t like one-trick pony’s. But maybe that’s because I can’t commit to one style for a long time. I like to develop, to evolve and see where it takes me on a piece of paper or a canvas. The journey on a piece paper is as exciting as life itself: I never know the outcome when I dig into it”.


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