2015 zart Narouz Inline foto pageRocking daddy and multi-talent Narouz Moltzer (Amsterdam, 1963) is one of those artists that constantly reinvent themselves and never stop working. When Zart visited him in his working space he was working with his left hand because of a shoulder injury on the right. In our gallery, you will find work that hovers between abstract and figurative and his most recent abstract portraits.

“ I am not one of those artists that can do the same trick over and over again. I need freedom. Freedom is really important to me”.(Moltzer, 2015)


From Marble to Paper

After many hundreds of hours sanding and cutting marble, he focused especially on metal, stone and bronze sculptures and portraits. But about five years ago he decided to change directions and started to paint. This radical change happened during a holiday a party island Ibiza. “I got a bit bored and wanted to do something. To kill time, I started to paint. I discovered painting is much easier than all the cutting and sawing I had been doing. Making sculptures is very demanding physical work. And since I was affected by that same shoulder injury that causes me to work with my left hand now, I knew I had to make a change a change anyway. I tend to change my work when my surrounding changes. When my atelier is relocated for example. It makes me see new possibilities.”


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‘Keep going Narouz!’

Moltzer established himself as an independent artist in 2000. Initially, he earned respect in the art scene with his sculptures. Moltzer owes a lot to Amsterdam artist Aat Velthoen who he worked for as an assistant. “ Aat Veldhoen became a close friend,” Moltzer tells. The most important things he taught me are, firstly, to always keep going. ‘Keep going Narouz, he would shout at me, keep going’. And secondly, to really see. To look at a piece stone and already see the future work in it”.

Moltzer has an impressive artist cv- Zart does not really care but we know you do. He exhibited a.o. Supper Club (Amsterdam), Stip gallery of Henk Schiffmacher, the Northern Lights, the Chiellerie, Cash & Carry gallery of Peter Klashorst, Museum Hilversum, Corrosia Almere, etc. Narouz worked among others with Aat Veldhoen, Tycho Veldhoen, Peter Klashorst who generously offered him his studio many times, Dadara, Aziz Bekkaoui, etc. Together with Masha Rutte he developed the decor for Anouk’s video clip Girl.

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